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Software Testing Training

The training is structured in 3 modules

  • Basic Testing
  • Testing Approaches
  • Working within a team (of testers)
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Workshops and talks

Learn, Know and Understand Requirements

LK&U Requirements is a presentation design to show you various concepts (from psychological aspects to daily activities) that you can use when it comes to reviewing requirements. It also focuses on the practices you can adopt or skills that you can improve.

The bases of the presentation is a sketch note (the one on the left). I made so that you can always return to it, and in a single glance grasp the content (it also helps a lot in remembering different aspects; compared to a PowerPoint is more useful)

The sketch note goes through several aspects of how to deal with specifications. On the back of the sketch note there is a check list that you can use to tune up your skills or identify what you should improve.

Going through all the sketch note areas can take between 4 to 6 hours (there are also some exercises), but it can be sized down based on the scope or audience. I have also done 30 minutes presentations where I picked some of the most important aspects form each area.

List of past and upcoming presentations For more details and/or a presentation get in touch with me.

The Testing Map

The Testing Map is a project about how to visually represent software testing information. It provides both a visual representation but also knowledge in regards to software testing.

Each area is link to different type of information in regards to it so that when you click the area you will receive a list of related articles, podcast, videos.

Here are a few ways you can use The Testing Map

If you are interested about the history behind the The Testing Map, what it took to build it, why is it in this way we can schedule a presentation together

Testing challenges

Testing challenges is a ongoing project where I want to enable tester to test their skill. If you have any suggestions please let me know. I am especially hunting for new testing scenarios or places where testers can test their skill

Beside trying the challenges for yourself there also other ways you can use the challenges.

What do testers do?

What a tester should do are hot topics especially after a bug or a problem appears in production. Clarifying what are the expectations from managers, team members but also within the testing community can be done in a fun and relaxing way. The approach that I take is to put some key questions on the table, get answers from all team members and evaluate the results. Everything is done with the help of a tool and a answer box.

Meet the bugs

Meet the bugs is a visual awareness about bugs. It's purpose as a presentation is to highlight what you should do in regards to finding bugs. If it is done as a workshop it will identify what types of bugs you are dealing with, how to avoid, identify, fix and hwo to measure important bug aspects.

CHAOS UI, HaSo, CIAn bugs are real. They exists and want to go into production.

Lego scrum

I came up with a original scenario that provides a team with plenty of opportunities to learn about how to work with SCRUM. It involves lego but also a lot of stuff. I have added additional stuff because I wanted to highlight different aspects related to SCRUM.

There is no way to predict what will happen. A big part of the game is adaptation and improvisation. Interested on how it starts?

Measures in software development

Before starting any endeavor into the areas of metrics and KPIs I strongly recommend the articles of Michael Bolton, Cem Kaner and James Bach

I have created this sketch note as a catalog of potential measures that you can use, as a inspirational source. When you want to measure something make sure you know first what to measure and afterwards find the means to do it.

If you have any suggestions please let me know.

Managing Teams

"Teams" is not only a buzz word. It's what drive competitive advantage.

But how to create a team? What are the aspects you should look for? What should you do as a manager or as a team member?

This presentation/workshop focuses on many aspects of the team dynamics. These can be selected based on what you want to make your team aware of.

Hi there !!!

My name is Claudiu.
I'm a SCRUM & Agile Devotee, Quality Supporter, Tester at Heart
This is my blog
I have been working in IT since 2004. It was not an easy start but it is a challenging journey.

I do not like to do things just because.
I like to find the meaning and purpose of stuff.
I learn new things all the time. I also like to do new stuff.

You can get in touch with me at Claudiu (at)

Where I will be speaking next

Some of the things that I have build:
The Testing Map / Testing Challenges / Review Requirements / Measures / Mnemonics / Testing is / Testers do / Managing Teams / Get the agile values feeling / Misconception about software testing / Schools of testing / Testing is / Testing Over Game / Testing Strategy Blueprint / Exploratory Testing Polarities / Elements of Software Testing